Net Info

Thursday Night Wilson ARC & ARES Net

Thursdays at 8:00 PM on 147.105 MHz

  • Formal NTS traffic accepted.
  • Amateur Radio and ARES announcements accepted.
  • Check-ins from all amateurs accepted.
  • EMCOMM Training encouraged.
  • Comments from all stations on the roster when requested.


[ WC4AR_Net_Instructions-Preamble ]            [ WC4AR_Net_Preamble ]

Net Control Operators send your Net Reports immediately following each Net to:

For more information on the Thursday Night Net, contact: Net Manager Tom Parker, KB4SFN at:


4 Responses to Net Info

  1. KJ4BLG says:

    Don, I will run this by our Club president, Michael. We have a few guys that are qualified to do this, if someone hasn’t already responded to your request.

    Thanks for checking with us,


    • Don D. Guy says:

      Thanks Michael,
      Here is the deal. The boy scouts offered 4 historic merit badges this year. tracking, pathfinding, carpentry and signaling. We have offered all of them except signaling. One guy was going to do it, but didn’t. Really, no one in the troop is qualified to teach this . There are about 6 -8 boys who have 3/4 of the historic merit badges and really want the signaling. Time is running out though. If we could do it or at least most of it on a day before the year is out it would be great.
      Don Guy, Assistant Scoutmaster, 443-5435.

  2. Don D. Guy says:

    I am an assistant scoutmaster with troop 293 here in Lebanon. I have a few scouts interested in working on a “Signaling Merit Badge”. I wondered if you knew anyone who could help us.

    Don 443-5435

  3. David Sarti says:

    National Geographic has a show this week called Electronic Armageddon
    Tuesday June 22 deals with effects of natural and man made EMP on our electronics.. In my short time as Ham I have not met any that have any kind of preparations for this kind of national disaster. Pleas watch the show then maybe we can together come up with a way to protect some of our equipment (at least the large foot print repeaters) maybe we could all take one of our older spare HT and foldable solar panel and put it in a steel cabinet in the basement, that is no grantee but would put the odds greatly in your favor

    PS: pleas spread the word the more informed the better off we will be
    David Sarti

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