2018 Wilson ARC Member Roster

Club dues are $20 for individuals or $30 per family.  All club dues go to Tom Parker, KB4SFN.   Mail checks to:

Wilson Amateur Radio Club
c/o  Tom Parker
850 Martha-Leeville Road
Lebanon, TN 37090-8232

  1. Doug Aldrich, AA0BH
  2. Rene Aldrich, KC9KUP
  3. Valerie Aldrich, W0WSO
  4. Clark Beam, W3TVA
  5. Don Biggs, K1OFO
  6. Eddie Brindley, W4EBX
  7. Allen Brown, K4AL
  8. Nancy Brown, N5ZUP
  9. Frank Carbonara, KN9RKK
  10. Mark Endicott, WB0NOO
  11. Robert Johnson, N4QZ
  12. Al Klein, WA3OQF
  13. Glenn Lees, W4BXR
  14. Colt Meads, KN4BTW
  15. Jimmy Moser, KN4LXH
  16. Tom Parker,  KB4SFN
  17. Chuck Parr, KJ4QOS
  18. Mac Reppert, KI4MXS
  19. Jeff Seligman, WD4BWC
  20. Bill Steiner, KZ4L
  21. Ron Thomas, KK4LNY
  22. David Thompson, W4DRZ
  23. Bill Uthoff, KK4WU
  24. Joseph Vanhook, KD4RXP
  25. Tim Waldo, KN4JJL
  26. Michael Wright, N4MAW
  27. Jana Yeargin, KN4HDF
  28. Michael Yeargin, KN4HDE



14 Responses to Members

  1. Regis Galbach says:

    I am a novice and currently studying for tech exam. Plan on taking test Oct 28th. Is there anywhere in our area that sells new or used equipment? I’m in MJ but, don’t mind a little drive. Looking forward to making it to some of the meetings in future. Would appreciate any tips on getting started as I do not know much (except electronics learned long ago).
    Thank you,

  2. Marv. Arwine says:

    I was a charter member of the Lebanon ham club and have known Sam Shields WB4CSG for more than 40 years. When we met Sam was extra class and helped me get my Novice and General class. A couple of years later I got the extra thanks to cw practice with Sam. I was surprized to note on the WARC member list Sam is no 21 and listed as 21.Sam Shields, WB4GLX That is not the Whisky Bravo 4 Candy Sugar George call sign I have called so many times over the air. Is this an error?

  3. david says:

    Ok thanks I will be there

  4. KJ4BLG says:

    Yes, the general public is welcome to any of our club meetings, regardless of if you have a license or not Please come to our April meeting.

  5. david norris says:

    Is this a open meeting ? I am interested in getting my license as well and dont know where to begin either on my testing. Thanks David

  6. Charles says:

    I have recently got into ham radio’s and been looking for an elmer if y’all offer anything like this. or know of someone who would be willing to help me study for the tech license. I purchased the ham radio for dummies book and it wasn’t much help to me, im more of a hands on instructions learner than trying to read this all on my own and learn. im not sure what all I need to be studying and what I can wait on. if y’all offer class/classes I would love to learn.

    • KJ4BLG says:

      Hey Charles, This is KJ4BLG Dave. Congrats on your interest in getting your license! To help you, why not come to our next club meeting on 07 Apr 2012 6:00 PM in Labry Hall, Room 122 at Cumberland University in Lebanon. Come visit us, introduce yourself and we have several guys there that can assist you in getting your license.

  7. Rick Vantrease says:

    I’m looking to get started in Amateur radio and needing a class. Are there any close by? Also I have seen that your club gives the test, when are those dates?


    • KJ4BLG Dave says:

      Rick, the next VE test session will be 22 Apr 2012 – 1:00 PM in Labry Hall, Room 122 at Cumberland University. I don’t know of any classes scheduled right now. Our next club meeting is this Saturday, 03 Mar 2012 – Wilson ARC meeting, 6:00 PM in Labry Hall, Room 122 at Cumberland University. You are more than welcome to come join us at our meeting. Would love to have you there.

  8. David Norris II says:

    I am interested in getting my ham license and I have been interested in getting them for a very long time, I see that there is testing on the 24 and I really want to take that, the only problem is that I have not had any training whatsoever and was wondering how do I go about getting training for that test on the 24th Thank you very much

    • KJ4BLG says:

      There are several thing you can do to study. You can purchase a ARRL study book for the technician test at this site:

      You can also take the on-line tests at this site:

      Both are good sources for leaning. Sorry I didn’t see your message earlier. I don’t believe the club has any classes scheduled right now. We have done them in the past and they have been a great success. Good luck with getting your tech license. It looks like the next testing will be in November.


  9. KJ4BLG says:

    This would kind of wreck DX propagation in my lifetime if this happens.

  10. KJ4BLG says:

    Hey Greg, are we going to be able to list items for sale on here and include pictures? I have some items I would like to list. Let me know,


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