VE Testing

Details of the next VE Testing Session in Lebanon, TN are shown below:

DATE:  28 October 2018  ( Sunday )

TIME:  1:00 PM

REGISTRATION:  Walk-ins allowed and welcome. No pre-registration required, but it is available.  To pre-register, visit the following link and complete the Wilson ARC Pre-registration Form:

LOCATION:       Google Map

Labry Hall, Room 122

Cumberland University Campus
One Cumberland Square
Lebanon, TN  37087


IDENTIFICATION:  You are required to provide sufficient identification to prove your identity. A legal photo ID and/or other formal photo IDs such as driver’s license, passport, government ID,  work ID, school ID, etc. will serve as sufficient identification. Bring at least two forms of identification.  Persons without photo IDs must bring two alternate forms of identification. For example: non-photo ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, employment ID, school ID or report card, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person and includes the mailing address shown on FCC Form 605.

TEST FEE:  $15.00

OTHER INFO:  Applicants upgrading must bring the original and a copy of their current license.  You will also need a photo ID such as a driver’s license, work ID, school ID, etc. (as noted above).

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