Field Day 2012 is June 23-24

Remember, Field Day is this weekend. It officially begins at noon on Saturday and ends noon Sunday. The location is the same as last year – just inside the entrance to Wilson County Fair Grounds. Most stations will be setting up early Saturday morning to be ready.

If you plan to set up a station this year please let me or Wes Tewmey, KE4TWI, know. We would like to know what band or bands you plan to work, and if you will need power. Jim Murff, WW4BEE, will be bringing the generators this year so there should be plenty of off-grid power.

Please send me and e-mail at (or call me at 449-3399), or Wes at if you plan to set up and/or if you need more info.  You are welcome to stop by and visit too, and maybe get on the air even if you don’t set up a station. It is always fun to be a part of Field Day.

Hope to see you there.


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