Boy Scouts Merit Badge University

Hi YL es OM,

The next WARC meeting will be this Saturday night, 3 March, at 6:00 p.m. in room #122 of Labry Hall at Cumberland University.

Also, we need volunteers to help with the Boy Scout Merit Badge University on Saturday, 10 March.  Our club gives a class to the Scouts wanting to get their Amateur Radio Merit Badge. It is from 8:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m., it’s a lot fun to work with these young boys, and it helps build interest in our hobby.

Let me know if you want to help out this year.  I already have most of the material.  Give me a call at 449-3399 (early or late) or send e-mail



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4 Responses to Boy Scouts Merit Badge University

  1. KJ4BLG says:

    Scot, a good place to start is getting your technician license so you can legally use the radio. It is easy to get, 35 multiple choice questions and that will get your foot into the door of the great hobby of Amateur Radio. There is no Morse Code requirement anymore to get your license. The 3 different licenses are: Technician, General and Extra Class. If you would like an idea of what the technician test is like, you can take a few sample tests over on QRZ. Here is the web address:

  2. Scot Proctor says:

    This us un-related to the topic. I’m interested in purchasing a Ham Radio but have no clue what I should buy. Where should I look or who could I contact to get more information on what I need to look for in a Ham Radio.


    • KJ4BLG says:

      Hi Scott. My name is Dave KJ4BLG. I guess the first question would be: What do you want to do with the radio and the second question would be: Do you have a Amateur radio license? Ham radio is a great hobby and there are many different types of radios out there, from the old tube type boat anchors to the small and feature packed HTs and back pack radios to mobile rigs to the high dollar contest rigs and then everything in between. You can also purchase a used radio from people who are upgrading to something with more bells and whistles on it. My first radio was a Yaesu FT-170. Great little HT, but I soon found out if I wanted to get into some of the repeaters that were more than a few miles away, 5 watts and a factory rubber duck didn’t quite get it. I have several radios, ranging from Hts to mobiles to mid range portable rigs. Are you just looking for a single band radio, do you want VHF/UHF or do you want a radio that can do UHF/VHF and the complete HF bands?

      If you can answer those couple of questions, we might be able to steer you towards a good radio.

      • Scot Proctor says:

        Thanks for the reply. I basically would like a radio in case of emergency’s. I would like to have it in case I’m ever in a situation where cell phone service is down and I can reach out for help…..or I can assist if there is anyone else in need in an emergency situation….storms in particular. Something mobile would be good so that I can take it when we travel as well. I currently do not have a radio operators license.

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