Christmas Dinner with Wilson ARC

The Wilson Amateur Radio Club will hold its annual Christmas dinner at the December 5 meeting in the K Room of the Mitchell Student Center on the campus of Cumberland University.

As usual, this will be a potluck affair so make your plans now and either comment to this post with the dish or items you will bring, or send an email with that information to:

Feel free to bring your family and friends to the Christmas dinner for an evening of fun, good food and fellowship.

  1. KJ4BLG & KJ4KCX, Dave & Janice – broccoli casserole and a good appetite.
  2. K4KO, Greg – sausage squares
  3. KI4VNX & KJ4OCY, Ray & Dorothy – Pumpkin cheesecake & scalloped potato & hot ham dish
  4. WD4BWS, Jeff – pot roast & cole slaw
  5. KB4SFN, Tom – casserole
  6. W3TVA, Clark – bunt cake & other sweets
  7. ?

73  Wilson Amateur Radio Club, WC4AR

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3 Responses to Christmas Dinner with Wilson ARC

  1. KJ4BLG says:

    Sorry about missing the party last night, I really wanted to be there, but work always seems to get in the way of a good time…….funny how that works….Hopefully all had a good time. My wife Janice, KJ4KCX and myself want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

    Dave Bonner

  2. jeff seligman says:

    will bring pot roast & cole slaw

  3. KJ4BLG says:

    KJ4BLG Dave Bonner
    KJ4KCX Janice Bonner We are bringing broccoli casserole and a good appetite.

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