The new Wilson ARC site

This new web portal is an attempt to make the task of maintaining the club’s website easier, more accessible, and easily transferable.  In its current form, it is also FREE.

This web portal is actually a blog and is hosted at using a free account.  The neat thing about this new site is, it can be maintained from any web browser on the internet, by anyone who can create and edit word processing documents (i.e. MS Word, Wordpad, etc.) and who has the login name and password.

Finally, the old site is still on the net, but when you load the home page, you are redirected here to To access individual pages on the old website, while they last, you may point your browser to: then use the menu links at the top of the page.  However, if you click on Home in that menu, you will be redirected here.


Wilson ARC  –  WC4AR

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2 Responses to The new Wilson ARC site

  1. Brian Farrell says:

    Where are all of the useful links?

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